Geo Chem Middle East has been active in Calibration Services in the Middle East region ever since our petroleum laboratory was functional in the year 1999. In the initial stages, the scope was limited to calibration of simple lab equipment like Viscometers and Thermometers. The capability has steadily grown into many fields and can now handle almost all lab equipments and process control instruments. In addition to our growing services, GeoChem now provides calibration of all types of vessels such as static storage tanks, trucks, demountable containers and ships including specialized gas and LNG carriers.

Calibration of Shore Tanks & Vessels

Calibration of vertical shore tanks, rigid prismatic tanks, membrane tanks, horizontal cylinders and spherical containers of various shapes,sizes and designs using the latest technology.

Calibration of Temperature Instruments

Covers wide Temprature ranges for glass & digital thermometers, Hot-air ovens, Temprature Baths, Thermoprobes, Temprature gauges and Infrared thermometers.

Calibration of Pressure Instruments

Pressure calibration services cover the full range and a very wide variety of pressure instrumentation. We are prepared to efficiently handle all types of standards and instruments from your highest level references to more general use instrumentation. Traditional calibrations, as well as on-site calibration are offered.

Calibration of Standard Weights & Weighing Scales

Weight and mass calibration for flatform scales, Analytical balances etc.

Calibration of other laboratory Equipments
Calibration of Density Hydrometers/ Hydrothermometers

Calibration of Viscoscity Tubes

Calibration of Penetration Penetrometers

Calibration of pH Meters

Calibration of Rotational and surface speed




"Dubai Laboratory is accredited to ISO 17025 : 2005 for Cosmetics  Testing...."

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